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Euphonium music major who also happens to love prog, metal, concerts, and art. (I'm also one for the sci-fi and fantasy.)

I have a bunch of amateur concert reviews (and other music related posts) on my blogspot., as well as a second blog toxiceuphonium that will focus on my art/writing/music/whatever as well, enjoy..
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For a long time I’ve been saying to myself that I want to record some music, I want to know how to write song lyrics, ect. , and lately I’ve really been focusing on some political things (like the violence against the occupy wall street protestors, lgbt rights and such). I’m thinking that maybe over winter break I can actually get some music done, and try to write some lyrics or poems on my thoughts on this, human rights, censorship, and violent oppression. Since I started college I’ve been thinking more about this, and even more that I should actually do something after seeing The Laramie Project (as well as seeing the current violence by police in America and the proposed internet censorship bill). Plus I’ve been meaning to get involved in things more on campus, but I think in the mean time (since doing all that at once would be a but overwhelming) I’m just going to start with trying to write something on it (and also write to my local government representatives about my concert), and get back to trying to write some music, and possible attempt at writing music with vocals. Lot of stuff to do, I just can’t sit back and watch this happen without voicing myself anymore.